I Miss Pretzels

This post is not going to give you any great insight into the culture or beauty of Cork City – only knowledge that their pretzel selection is lacking. I miss Snyders of Hanover hard pretzels so much right now. We bought the only pretzels available at Tesco, but they come in itty bitty packets and are small themselves. No huge crunch, but definitely better than nothing. No big pretzels found yet – we may have to go to Bavaria.

I also miss…
* Ranch salad dressing
* Green salsa
* Big bags of Peanut M&Ms (they come in small bags here, not the awesome five-pound CostCo size bags)
* Our friends
* Our family
* Old Bay seasoning
* American prices (ordinary Converse sneakers cost at least $60 here)
* Crab chips (for non-Marylanders, they’re Old Bay flavored not made from crab)
* Ice cream cones (so far we’ve only found soft serve)
* Crisp dill pickles
* Good authentic tacos and burritos
* Fresh sushi
* Pedestrian right of way (no such thing here, it’s like real life Frogger)
Ok, my little whine is done and I also realize that when/if we leave Ireland, we will miss a slew of things about our life here (like having potatoes with every meal and how genuinely friendly the people are).

Enough about me. What are you thinking?

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