My 13th Thanksgiving in Ireland

This week marks my 13th Thanksgiving in Ireland since moving here in 2008. Each year has felt different, but this one will feel the strangest since my dad has died. But I’m rounding up my favorite recipes and looking back on old posts.

This is like the special holiday episode of your favorite TV show when they’d go around the table and say what they’re thankful for and reflect on a special moment in the previous year with a flashback to that episode. I always thought those were the most boring episodes, but they have meaning now as an adult when I myself have so many episodes to look back on.

2008: Cranberries, Turkey, Potatoes, Stuffing – Thanksgiving Groceries in Cork

2014: Pumpkin Puree, It’s Like Gold to American Expats

2014: Thanksgiving as an Expat in Ireland

2014 Irish Examiner. Read on Irish Examiner website.

2014 RTE’s Today Show. Watch on RTE Player.

2014 Irish Examiner. Read on Irish Examiner website.

2014: Did you see me on the telly? RTE’s Today Show

2014: The Gobbler – Turkey-inspired Interior Design

2015: Adjustments as an American Expat or Immigrant in Ireland

2016: Thanksgiving and Thankfulness

2016: Reflecting on Thanksgiving in Ireland as a Homesick Expat

2017: The Silence of Unshared Milestones

2017: Recipe for My Mom’s Baked Thanksgiving Dressing Balls, aka Stuffin’ Muffins

2020: Your Guide to American Thanksgiving History, Recipes, and Crafts

2021: How to Roast a Chicken and Make Your Own Basting Butter

2021: Homemade Cranberry Sauce Recipe

2021: Kindred Spirits

Enough about me. What are you thinking?

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