A Comparison of Jarred Cranberry Sauces in Ireland

As an American expat in Ireland, Thanksgiving falls under one of the more unique experiences. Firstly, the grocery stores are not chaotic with shoppers seeking sage, cranberries, or the elusive last-minute turkey. Secondly, Ireland's appreciation for good food and family makes Thanksgiving a natural fit. Thirdly, life goes on without fanfare, festivities, or feasts - … Continue reading A Comparison of Jarred Cranberry Sauces in Ireland

American Thanksgiving at Electric

Electric on South Mall has noticed over these last few years that people's habits and expectations for socializing are evolving. At first, it made them nervous, but then they realized it is actually an opportunity to engage more, try new things, and be different.  From this, #ElectricExperiences was born – these are events, themes, menus, and specials that Electric creates that are uniquely theirs … Continue reading American Thanksgiving at Electric

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Is it time to retire my blog about being an expat in Cork Ireland? With 9k views/month, I won't make any rash decisions. With so many other resources now available to arriving expats and study abroad students, I wonder if 40 Shades of Life has served its purpose and might be ready for retirement. With over 9,000 views a month, I am not taking this decision lightly.