A Different Kind of Thanksgiving – Competing in a Hackathon as a Marketer

Two weeks ago, on American Thanksgiving, I woke with a spring in my step because it is one of my favorite holidays. A day for family to be together to feast, while being thankful and appreciative for what we have. Growing up in DC, this holiday is about inclusiveness, so I always love spending it... Continue Reading →


Wood Werkin’ It at Benchspace at Cork’s Marina

When David Scannell from Benchspace, a local woodworking workshop in Cork city's Marina center, invited me to participate in a woodworking workshop this past Saturday, I was all for it. I love handcrafting anything and they had no idea that at age 19 I was an assistant woodworking counselor at The Hole In The Wall Gang Camp.... Continue Reading →

Happy Halloween

I have neglected blogging here lately, but am trying to get back into the swing of things. One of the first steps to blogging more often is to not feel intimidated by what needs to be posted. Not every post needs to be a lengthy prose on the finer points of brunch in Cork or... Continue Reading →

We’re Still Here… and We Missed You

We just spent three months traveling the United States to reunite with family and introduce the new baby's cuteness to our families. I think the entire trip included time in three countries, six states, plus the District of Columbia. It was epic and exhausting and worth every minute. The silence on the blog will soon... Continue Reading →

Back At It!

After a 4.5-month break, I'm back at it with new blog posts coming your way starting this weekend. You must know that after eight years, this blog and I wouldn't be disappearing. Now, I will explain why I took a break... I was pregnant and now I have a baby! It was a rough pregnancy and I just... Continue Reading →

Shane Horgan Teams Up With Glenisk to #EatLikeThem

Ahead of Ireland’s clash with England in the 6 Nations Championship, Glenisk has unveiled two new videos featuring former International rugby player, Shane Horgan, who explains in his own inimitable style, that while you can’t always play like rugby players, you can #EatLikeThem.  See 'Ruck' here: Glenisk #EatLikeThem with Shane Horgan - 'Ruck' and 'Tackle': Glenisk #EatLikeThem with... Continue Reading →


Today, I feel a swell of pride and hope on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. Honestly, there is nothing I can say that will mark this day any better than his own words in my hometown on August 28, 1963.

Birthdays & Milestones as an Expat

In two weeks, I will have been in orbit around the sun for 40 years. I love my birthday. LOVE IT. Like each person, it is a personal holiday celebrating one's arrival in this world. It's wonderful and exciting and should feel like sprinkles on ice cream and puppy kisses. But with all the epic-ness I feel about my birthday,... Continue Reading →

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Is it time to retire my blog about being an expat in Cork Ireland? With 9k views/month, I won't make any rash decisions. With so many other resources now available to arriving expats and study abroad students, I wonder if 40 Shades of Life has served its purpose and might be ready for retirement. With over 9,000 views a month, I am not taking this decision lightly.

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