Hurling & Our Local

Just as growing up Catholic in Washington, D.C. meant we have our parishes, the citizens of Cork have their locals. When asked “What’s your local?” you are really being asked “What’s your neighborhood pub?” and as a byproduct of that answer also, “where do you live?” This goes with the reputation Cork residents have for being interested in others and asking questions.

What makes a pub a local instead of just a bar is beyond me, but I admit our local is charming. It is stumbling distance from home (ideal for oh so many reasons) and we went there on Sunday to watch the Cork v. Clare hurling match. Cork won, proceeding to the next round of the finals. That’s all I’ll say about that since it may be a sticky subject for anyone from Clare.
My lesson learned this week is that most ladies drink glasses of beer or cider and not pints. Just as well since I needed my husband to help me finish my pints of Bulmer’s most nights.
©2009, Evin O'Keeffe

©2009, Evin O'Keeffe

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