Live Music in Cork City

We love experiencing live music in a nice intimidate venue. Nothing like feeling the rhythm of the drums in the building and the energy of the crowd. My very first live concert was Steve Goodman and after the show, I sat in his lap while he played the guitar and sang. He was a friend of my parents.


Lisa Hannigan at Cork’s Opera House
Lisa Hannigan On Stage at Cork Opera House

Lisa Hannigan at Murphy's Big Night Out

Fred at Cork’s Opera House
Fred On Stage

Fred on Saint Patrick’s Street for the Saint Patrick’s Festival 2011

Fight Like Apes at Cork’s Opera House
On The Edge of Her Stage

Cathy Davey at Cork’s Opera House
Cathy Davey

Florence and the Machine at Cork’s Opera House
Florence, Belting Out the Notes

Florence and The Machine

The Magic Numbers at Cork’s Opera House
The Magic Numbers

Seo Linn at Cork’s Marina for Rebel Week




GMC at Cork’s Marina for Rebel Week




Another fab performance or two at Cork Rebel Week.




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  1. Fred were always spectacular on stage. One of my best memories is seeing them live in Triskel Christchurch twice. I’d also put forward Julie Feeney in Triskel also as one of the best of 2014.

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