Your Guide to Visiting Cork City

You’d never guess Cork City is the second-largest city in the Republic because the downtown area is close together and very walkable. It has a small town feel with a bit of city hustle and bustle as well as all the main conveniences of urban life. Throughout the city streets you will find shops, restaurants, cafés,... Continue Reading →


What Gets Me Through the Week – Irish Packing List

When I packed to move to Ireland nearly four years ago, I got rid of all my Polo, Abercrombie, Hilfiger, and typically 'American' clothes and brought H&M stuff in the hope that I would fit in better. It intimidated me to be moving to Europe. Sure, it was Ireland and many pictured 40 shades of... Continue Reading →

Cork Visitor Resources

For friends and family visiting us here in Cork City, I have compiled a list of resources and links I find interesting and useful. They include places to go, favorite restaurants, how to get to/around Cork, and what to pack when visiting.

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