Cork City Brunch Options List by Day

So, my Best Eats in Cork, Coffee/Scone, and Brunch in Cork posts are rather popular but I know sometimes you think that food is food and you just want a place to be open at 9am on a Saturday or 10am on a Sunday, so this list is very basic and just tells you which brunch/breakfast... Continue Reading →


Welcome to Ireland: A Newcomer’s Survival Guide

It has been 74 months since I arrived at Cork Airport with five bags of my favorite possessions to make Ireland my new home. Though time has given me comfort and sense of feeling local, I still remember what it feels like to assimilate to a new life in a new city in a new country... Continue Reading →

Your Guide to Visiting Cork City

You’d never guess Cork City is the second-largest city in the Republic because the downtown area is close together and very walkable. It has a small town feel with a bit of city hustle and bustle as well as all the main conveniences of urban life. Throughout the city streets you will find shops, restaurants, cafés,... Continue Reading →

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