Road Closures in Cork City on Saint Patrick’s Day

Cork city is known for its splendid family-friendly parade and the route is lined with crowds, so it is understandable that certain precautions and road closures are taken to secure a safe and good time for all. The Cork City Council announced that this year's parade will begin at 1:00p.m. at South Mall, traveling via... Continue Reading →


Photos of Fred’s Gig & Food Fair on Pana at the 2011 Cork City St. Patrick’s Festival

It's raining, it's pouring, Fred the band is playing... Well, that isn't quite the way it goes, but on Saturday afternoon the clouds were filled to the brim with rain and the St. Patrick's Festival in Cork City continued with a food fair on Patrick's Street itself and a bandstand stage set up near Drawbridge... Continue Reading →

St. Patrick’s Week in Cork City

As an American, I've been warned that Saint Patrick's Day in Cork isn't as grand as in New York, Chicago, Boston, or even Dublin, but I have to think they're underselling it. Cork City has so much to offer in the week around the most famous and beloved Irish holiday on March 17th. Traffic and... Continue Reading →

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