Best Eats in Cork City

This always comes up over the holidays when I gather with friends and the inevitable debate begins over who has the best Buffalo wings or where whatever food is best in Cork City. So, I kept notes. I compared those notes to a couple very sad partial blog posts drafts from previous attempts to make a... Continue Reading →


Christmas in Cork

I wanted to share some tips and information for spending Christmas in Cork. So, put your tinsel on and slip your feet in some elf slippers so you can browse these great details to make your holiday in the Rebel City a wonderful one. I'll start with my personal favourites then share useful links to... Continue Reading →

A Visit to Cork City

A friend of mine wrote to say she would be visiting Cork City with her family (herself, her husband, her two lovely daughters). Yay! I've not seen her in years! Of course, I instantly wanted to tell her about all the great things to do and places to eat so I jotted down my favorites... Continue Reading →

Long Valley for Lunch

Lunch at Long Valley Pub on Winthrop (between Oliver Plunkett and Patrick's) in Cork City Centre is a delicious and local experience. I love their spiced beef salad sandwich on brown bread - slices of corned beef with some fine egg salad spread, lettuce, onions, and tomatoes on a tasty wheat bread. Delicious. It can also be done toasted with melted cheese. Mmm. A pint of Bulmer's, Murphy's, or the like goes nicely. Each of the pub's sandwiches are less than €6 and served until 18:00 daily.

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