Brunch at Farmgate Café in The English Market

Kay, owner of Farmgate, tells us that, “Produce from English Market stalls downstairs. Breakfast is cooked to order.” Dining at Farmgate really is a farm to table experience. Location: The English Market, Cork. Tel: (021) 4278134 Website: Twitter: @FarmgateCafe Facebook: Farmgate Cafe Hours for Breakfast/Brunch in Farmgate in The English Market: Weekday Breakfast/Brunch: Mon–Fri... Continue Reading →


Beamish & Lunch at The English Market’s Farmgate Cafe

Today, we went to the Beamish brewery in downtown Cork City for the introduction to how they brew their beer, what happens to it after that (transport/distribution), and how to drink a pint properly. It was a delicious, er... I mean educational experience. Afterward, we went to lunch at Farmgate Cafe in The English Market.

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