Brunch at White Rabbit Bar & BBQ

This post's brunch spotlight is on White Rabbit Bar & BBQ. White Rabbit boasts to be a purveyor of "real deal American BBQ with the finest bourbons and Irish Craft beer" and also a bringer of brunch to MacCurtain Street. White Rabbit Bar & BBQ Location: 56 MacCurtain Street, Cork City Tel: 021 455 2222 Website: Continue Reading →


October Bank Holiday Jazz Weekend Cork City Brunch Options

In the mood for a little city time this bank holiday weekend? Why not brave the Jazz Weekend crowds for brunch or lunch in town? I contacted the usual suspects to create a comprehensive, accurate, alphabetical list for you that is specific to JAZZ WEEKEND 2015. These places are always lovely, but may have different hours... Continue Reading →

Electric Mall Mixer

One of my favorite things about when I lived in Washington, D.C. was happy hour. Once a week, my colleagues and I would meet at a chosen watering hole for an early dinner and drink to enjoy each other's company outside of work. There was a balance to it and we all looked forward to those... Continue Reading →

Review of Brunch at De Calf Cafe in Cork City

New to Cornmarket Centre is the De Calf Cafe offering breakfast weekdays (from 8am) and brunch on Saturdays (8am-12:30pm). Their morning menu is filled with standards and modern classics. Of course, they also serve foods beyond breakfast and brunch, but this post is about the best and most important meal of the day.

My Two Cents: Help Cork Airport Thrive

You may have read or heard recently about the decline of Cork International Airport, so I wanted to write about it here from an expat's perspective. Like most Americans living in Ireland, the only way I can hug my family is by flying (or taking a ship across the Atlantic). Which usually means Aer Lingus to London or Amsterdam... Continue Reading →

Best Eats in Cork City

This always comes up over the holidays when I gather with friends and the inevitable debate begins over who has the best Buffalo wings or where whatever food is best in Cork City. So, I kept notes. I compared those notes to a couple very sad partial blog posts drafts from previous attempts to make a... Continue Reading →

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