DC Vacation: Day 19 & 20, American Food

After three non-stop days, we adopted a lazier schedule for the day. First on the agenda was getting my MacBook repaired at the nearby Apple store. This also afforded us the opportunity to grab lunch at a neighborhood hamburger joint and shop for shoes at DSW. No naps that day, but good fun and lots of warm, sunny weather. As with my other days, I drank seemingly endless amounts of iced tea with lunch. For dinner, we watched ‘Castle’ with my parents over Thai take-away then drove down to stay with friends on Capitol Hill.
For our final full weekday in DC, we opted to split up to conquer our final wish list items. I wanted to see some colleagues and my husband wanted to see more museums. We started our day before eight o’clock in the hope of beating the crowds since beautiful weather was predicted.

U.S. Capitol Dome