May Bank Holiday Cork City Brunch Options

Last week, we asked local food beacons for their May bank holiday hours and this is what we learned. Some serve lunch, not brunch, but I've listed them as well because options are good when dining out on a holiday weekend. UPDATE: I've created a Google Doc list of all Cork City restaurants which offer brunch (or brunchy... Continue Reading →


Review of Brunch at Goldberg’s Bar, Cork City Centre

Sunday brunch in Cork City is a challenge when most places are closed, but there are a few gems in town for the occasion – Goldberg's Bar, for one! And since this blog is hungry work, especially with the most popular posts being the ones I write about food, dining out is my indulgence. This past weekend, we... Continue Reading →

The Year of Aroi

Everything is coming up jasmine and lemongrass for Eddie Ong Chok Fong and his award-winning restaurants, Aroi. Located in Cork City and Limerick, Aroi is a newcomer to the restaurant scene, but its focus on fresh ingredients and catering to customer's dietary needs has made it a fast favourite. You can read about when I... Continue Reading →

Best Eats in Cork City

This always comes up over the holidays when I gather with friends and the inevitable debate begins over who has the best Buffalo wings or where whatever food is best in Cork City. So, I kept notes. I compared those notes to a couple very sad partial blog posts drafts from previous attempts to make a... Continue Reading →

Knockout Pizza at Cork Jazz Weekend Market

I'm jet-lagged from the long visit to the States and tiring trip back, so this morning I finally went out in search of sustenance. With the Guinness Cork Jazz Festival this weekend, I had plenty of options. My usual falafel wrap guy wasn't at the Cornmarket Saturday market, so I went browsing for something new. Fortunate for... Continue Reading →

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