I love photography about as much as I love eating, knitting, traveling, and my life in general which means I take A LOT of photos. In an average year, I capture about 15,000 moments with my digital cameras and who knows how many frames with my video cameras. Yes, I am saving a small fortune since switching from film to digital! Of those thousands of pictures, only a few hundred make it to you so I try to only share the best and back-up the rest.

Here is a partial list of links to my album sets on Flickr:

Cork City & County Cork

Cork City

Cork Cuisine

Farm Fresh Markets in Cork City

An Sneachta (snow in Cork City)

Angels in Cork City (traveling sculpture exhibit)

Murphy’s Big Night Out (at Cork Opera House)

Opera Lane

Cork City Flood (November 2009)

County Cork

Charles Fort (November 2008)

Charles Fort & Kinsale (January 2010)

Blarney (Spring & Autumn 2009)

Cobh (November 2009)

West Cork (August 2008)

The Rest of Ireland


Dingle (July & September 2009)


Glendalough (February 2009)

Sporting Events in Ireland

Dingle Marathon 2009

Cork City Marathon 2009

Tour of Ireland 2009

Running & Races 2009 (including Kenmare’s Jack & Jill Run)

Traveling Europe

Amsterdam (October 2008)

Barcelona (December 2008)

Belfast & Antrim Coast (November 2009)

Brittany & Paris (June 2009)

Normandy & Paris (August 2009)

Italy (May 2009)

London (December 2008)

Vienna (March 2009)


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  1. Hello,

    I was searching for blogs about Americans living in Ireland, and came across yours. Imagine my delight when I saw on your blog roll my very own daughter’s business! I live in MN and Sharon (Three Irish Girls) lives near Washington DC, but I was tickled to happen upon your blog and see hers listed.

    Anyway, I look forward to perusing your blog and just had to drop a note.

    Blessings, Julie B.

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