Trying to Get a Mobile Phone & Plan

The day started off with a crash - of carrot/peach juice in my grocery tote, leaking onto my trench. I should have known to crawl back into bed right then and guard myself against the fates. But when my husband and I decided that three years was long enough and it was time to upgrade mobile phones to the iPhone 4, I was willing to wait outside the 3 store on Patrick’s Street to make it happen. Or at least try. We arrived a couple minutes before 10:00 p.m. for the midnight launch. The roped off section in front of the store was empty. We started the queue. After two hours, there were about 50 people there. The turning point came when the 3 staff asked the crowd ‘who has reference numbers?’ What’s that? Though it was poorly publicized, reference numbers were given to certain interested consumers allowing them to essentially skip the queue to reserve an iPhone. Half of the waiting crowd... READ MORE