Afternoon Tea in Cork City

I love afternoon tea almost as much as I love brunch. And there are more and more places in Cork offering elegantly prepared and thoughtfully served afternoon tea, so I decided to make a list. If you're stuck for a gift idea for Christmas, birthday, Valentine's Day, or Mother's Day, a gift voucher for afternoon... Continue Reading →


Coffee & Scone on a Sunday

Sundays might be a quieter in Cork City, but that doesn't mean we aren't just as hungry as on Saturdays. Here's a list of where is open for a cuppa and scone – or even brunch! The list in this post was accurate as of January 2015 UPDATE: I've created a Google Doc list of all Cork City restaurants which... Continue Reading →

Best Eats in Cork City

This always comes up over the holidays when I gather with friends and the inevitable debate begins over who has the best Buffalo wings or where whatever food is best in Cork City. So, I kept notes. I compared those notes to a couple very sad partial blog posts drafts from previous attempts to make a... Continue Reading →

My Wanna-Do List

I'm not fond of the term "bucket list" because it sounds a bit like a dumping place and also denotes something to be done before death. But really, these things are about living life so I like to call it my Wanna-Do list. And here it is... • Milk a cow • Learn to cook... Continue Reading →

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