A Comparison of Jarred Cranberry Sauces in Ireland

As an American expat in Ireland, Thanksgiving falls under one of the more unique experiences. Firstly, the grocery stores are not chaotic with shoppers seeking sage, cranberries, or the elusive last-minute turkey. Secondly, Ireland's appreciation for good food and family makes Thanksgiving a natural fit. Thirdly, life goes on without fanfare, festivities, or feasts -... Continue Reading →

The Silence of Unshared Milestones

One of the hardest parts of expat life for me is the isolation and silence of unshared milestones. Yes, birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, and more still exist and take place, but without much celebration or, for lack of a better word, fanfare. There have been 10 Halloweens here, only one with trick-or-treating. A few Thanksgivings I... Continue Reading →

Raising a Family in a New Country

Being a mother of two youngsters in a country that was not my home since birth is a challenge. There is no back-up like at "home." Birthday dinners do not include the parents that gave us life and there are so many differences that are jarring. It wasn't like this when I was a kid,... Continue Reading →

American Thanksgiving at Electric

Electric on South Mall has noticed over these last few years that people's habits and expectations for socializing are evolving. At first, it made them nervous, but then they realized it is actually an opportunity to engage more, try new things, and be different.  From this, #ElectricExperiences was born – these are events, themes, menus, and specials that Electric creates that are uniquely theirs... Continue Reading →


Today, I feel a swell of pride and hope on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. Honestly, there is nothing I can say that will mark this day any better than his own words in my hometown on August 28, 1963.

Birthdays & Milestones as an Expat

In two weeks, I will have been in orbit around the sun for 40 years. I love my birthday. LOVE IT. Like each person, it is a personal holiday celebrating one's arrival in this world. It's wonderful and exciting and should feel like sprinkles on ice cream and puppy kisses. But with all the epic-ness I feel about my birthday,... Continue Reading →

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