Brunch in Cork


We take brunch very seriously here, so we compiled a list of all the brunch spots to make your hunt a little easier. Yes, some serve on Sundays!

Disclaimer: We make no money by sharing brunch options. We are not pushing an agenda or brand, we just share facts (real ones, not alternative ones). We work hard in our limited spare time to research brunch options, compile, and update this list. If you find a mistake, let us know so we can fix it.
We do not work for or own a restaurant. We do not work in the restaurant industry. We post all restaurants serving brunch in Cork City, no buy-in or secret handshake required.
We spread the word about brunch options in Cork because we’ve been in town at 9:30am on a Saturday not knowing where to eat.
If you do not like brunch, move along to a different blog to learn about afternoon tea or cocktails in Cork, but no need to belittle our efforts. 

For a complete list of brunch options and which days they’re open, check out the table of contents in my Brunch in Cork: A Comprehensive List. This list is updated regularly and stays current. There is a one-page text-only profile for each restaurant or cafe with hours, menu items, and other basics. If we’ve missed a place, let us know. We strive to have this list as complete as possible, but there is only one of me and it takes time.

Brunch in Cork: A comprehensive list from 40 Shades of Life

We are working our way through profiling every single brunch/breakfast spot in Cork City, so here are links to each profile that is live and up-to-date. Two more added every weekend!


Brunch at Idaho Cafe in Cork City | 40 Shades of Life
Brunch at Ali's Kitchen in Cork City | 40 Shades of Life

Brunch at Cafe Velo, Cork City | 40 Shades of Life

Brunch at White Rabbit in Cork City | 40 Shades of Life



Brunch at Drake's Bistro & Wine Bar in Cork City | 40 Shades of Life

Brunch at The Flying Enterprise | 40 Shades of Life

Brunch at Gallagher's Gastro Pub in Cork, Ireland | 40 Shades of Life

Brunch at The Bookshelf Coffee House in Cork City | 40 Shades of Life

Brunch at Electric in Cork City | 40 Shades of Life

Brunch at Goldberg's Bar in Cork City | 40 Shades of Life

Brunch at Café Atrium, Cork City | 40 Shades of Life Blog
The Workshop, Ballygarvan, Cork, Ireland
Brunch at Dukes Coffee Company, Cork, Ireland | 40 Shades of Life Blog

View Brunch in Cork in a larger map

You can also contact me on Twitter @BrunchCork or @freckledpast


3 thoughts on “Brunch in Cork

  1. Veronika Wacker says:

    Please please please make it better visible which places are open for brunch on Sunday’s???? It’s still a mistery to me why these are so hard to find

    • Evin says:

      Did you click on the Google Doc? In the table of contents, look for the places that say “Daily” or “Sat/Sun”. I’ll expand the details soon, but I’m only one person (and have a new baby).

  2. Grace says:

    this is brilliant and congrats on baby

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