16 Pancake Tuesday Options in Cork City

As a child, Pancake Tuesday was a thing for my family. That love of breakfast for dinner can be any time, but the tradition of using up the decadent ingredients before Lent stays with me and is a great excuse for a day of pancakes.

Here is a little list of some of the places in Cork city with special pancake menus for Pancake Tuesday 2018:


The Oyster Tavern

They’re doing lunch the way you should on Pancake Tuesday. Join them for our mouth-watering pancakes.

Pancakes at The Oyster Tavern, Cork city


Ali’s Kitchen

Fresh pancakes with almond butter, maple syrup, and crispy bacon.

Pancakes at Ali's Kitchen, Cork city


Dukes Coffee Co

Pancakes with smoked streaky bacon & real maple syrup thanks to for the photo.

Pancakes at Dukes Coffee Co, Cork city


Idaho Cafe

Any place that serves fresh waffles Tuesday through Saturday, you know they’ve got you covered for Pancake Tuesday.
Idaho Cafe, Caroline Street, Cork City https://slaintecork.wordpress.com/brunch/


Cafe Velo

To celebrate Pancake Tuesday tomorrow, Chef Rose will be doing pancakes with all the € going to Marymount University Hospice.

Pancakes at Cafe Velo, Cork city


White Rabbit

The blueberry pancakes and the banana pecan always on the brunch menu. Tomorrow we’ll be introducing the choc chip and salted caramel pancakes too. Available all day.

Pancakes at White Rabbit, Cork city



They dare you to try their HOT COQ PANCAKES served with ice-cream & maple syrup it’s so crazy, but it really works!

Pancakes at COQBULL, Cork city


Nash 19

They will be flippin from 7 bells ! Also available to go in their shop to make at home!

Pancake batter at Nash 19, Cork city


The Parlour Cafe

Pancake Tuesday sorted at The Parlour Cafe… come and get them.

Pancakes at The Parlour Cafe, Cork city


The Pantry

Pancake Tuesday at The Pantry! – You just have to try our Nutella ones. Merchants Quay awaits.

Pancakes at The Pantry, Cork city


The SpitJack

A special buttermilk pancake menu is in store for diners.

Pancakes at The SpitJack, Cork city


Hayfield Manor

They are known for their love of pancakes. Have you tried Hayfield Manor’s Crepe Suzette recipe?

Pancakes at Hayfield Manor, Cork city


Dulce Bun House

New on the scene on Oliver Plunkett Street, Dulce Bun House serves up fresh-from-the-griddle Dulce mini pancakes which are sure to satisfy even the fussiest pancake lover. With several toppings to choose from, they’re sure to hit the spot. Whether you decide to dine in or take away for later, they bring a whole new and yummier meaning to the occasion of Pancake Tuesday.

Pancakes at Dulce Bun House in Cork city


Clayton Silver Springs

They admit their favourite day of the year is…PANCAKE TUESDAY! They will be serving pancakes to all of their guests tomorrow!

Pancakes at Clayton Silver Springs, Cork city


Cafe Serendipity

Hosting a special Pancake Tuesday event ALL DAY, 8am to 4:30pm.

Cork International Hotel

For , we’ll have a pancake station in our lobby from 12pm-2pm. Pancakes will be €3 with all proceeds going to our hotel charity, Bumbleance.



Though not confirmed, it is usually a safe bet to find fresh made-to-order pancakes (along with a healthy lunchtime queue) in the English Market.

And if you’re staying at home, you can avail of Bia Sasta’s recipe.

Where will you go for pancakes? Don’t forget, there is breakfast, lunch, and dinner to cover so you have at least three excuses for pancakes tomorrow.


Enough about me. What are you thinking?

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