Old Cork City Photos from National Library of Ireland

I love old photos, stories, letters, and anything that offers a glimpse into what life was like for those before us. If you didn’t already know, National Library of Ireland has a vast collection of such photographs online! I am including some of Cork in this post. Click on any photo to go to the NLI’s page on Flickr with details on the photo. I precede each photo with the year (or estimated range) when it was taken.

1918 – Daunt’s Square view of Patrick’s Street

Patrick Street, Cork from Daunt's Square

After Kent train station opened in February 1893.

Curves in Cork

11:19am around 1900 – Bridge Street looking up at Patrick’s Hill

Nineteen minutes past 11 o'clock

1900-ish – The Coal Quay “Irish market” where Cornmarket and Bodega are now located.

Paddy's Market, Cork City

1897–1910 view of Shandon bell tower and base of Shandon Street from around where Gate Cinemas is now.

Unidentified image? Not for long! It's Cork of course

1948–1950 Looking across the south fork of the River Lee up Grand Parade (Electric would be out of view on the right)

Grand Parade in Cork City

May or June 1937 of Patrick’s Street

Tramless Patrick Street in Cork

1902 view of Patrick’s Street

Born to Run

Queen’s College Cork – now University College Cork (aka UCC) in 1900

Unidentified = Queen's College, Cork (now UCC)

1893-1898 Grand Parade view

Grand Parade, Cork City, Co. Cork

1910–1915 view of Grand Parade

Grand Parade, Cork (LOC)

Tuesday, 14 December 1920, The Burning of Cork

The Burning of Cork

River Lee for the Cork Exhibition in summer somewhere in 1 May 1902 – 31 October 1903. The Daly Bridge (The Shaky Bridge) now stands by that site.



And a few from not quite city centre…

They were kissing the Blarney Stone even back in 1868–1914 without safety railings!

Kissing the Blarney Stone

They finally added railings!

Kissing the Blarney Stone

Youghal 1900

To market, to market…

Fair Day in Bantry town. 1865-1914

Fair Day, Bantry, Co. Cork

The electric tram in Douglas Village 1900–1920

A street scene in Cork with tram and passengers!

Do you have a favorite memory of one of these places?


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