The Best Place for…

I am often asked for recommendations, so I am making a list of my favorite spots for various things. Sometimes it is specific, sometimes it is vague. But these are just a few because, as we know, Cork city has so much to offer and this list is just a tiny fraction of all it has to offer.

If you’re hankering for something specific and had not tried it at the spot I mention, it just may inspire you to check out a new place. Then you can come back here and tell me that it isn’t nearly as good as your favorite spot and advice me to check that place out.

I’ll keep adding to this!

The Best place for…


…breakfast or elevenses.

Tea, Scones, and Homemade Jam – Hassetts Bakery

Fluffy Potato Cakes – Nash 19

Porridge – Nash 19

Cherry scones – Idaho Cafe or Hassetts Bakery

Scones – Filter Coffee

€5 breakfast – Parlour Cafe

Made-to-order omelets – Currans



Yogurt with granola – Brick Lane

Sourdough bread-based dishes – Bodega

Waffles – Idaho and Brick Lane

Creative seasonal menus – Ali’s Kitchen

Fluffy buttermilk pancakes – Oytster Tavern and Parlour Cafe

Fluffy Blueberry Pancakes – White Rabbit

Crepes – Serendipity Cafe

Bacon butty – Electric



Food with a View – Farmgate Cafe in English Market

Corned Beef Sandwich – Long Valley Bar (available at lunch only)

Spiced Beef Sandwich – Oyster Tavern (available at lunch only)

Tuna Sandwich – Bracken’s

Perfect Lunch – Nash 19

Prix fixe lunch – Market Lane, Luigi Malone’s,


…food on the go or take away.

Sausage in a roll – O’Flynn’s in English Market or Winthrop Street

Clay-Oven Pizza – Knockout Pizza (no fixed location)

Falafel wrap – Rocketman East

Grilled cheese – Rocketman East

Salads – Loving Salads or Rocketman

Fried haloumi, tabouleh, and mint lemonade – Umi Falafel

Burritos – Boojum



Leisurely Dinner – Market Lane or Oyster Tavern

Pre-Fixe Menu Lunch – Market Lane

Lunch that feels like a spa retreat – Greene’s

BBQ – Holy Smoke, White Rabbit

Buffalo Wings – Luigi Malone’s

Steak – Brick Lane and Pembroke

Pizza and local pint deal – Rising Sons

Burger – Bunsen and Son of a Bun

Risotto – Oyster Tavern

Creamy Salmon Pasta – Nostra

Duck – Greene’s

Meaty Salads – Son of a Bun and Brick Lane and SoHo

Tapas – Parlour Cafe

Tender slow-cooked featherblade of beef – Greene’s and Oyster Tavern



Pizza and local pint deal – Rising Sons (they offer kid sizes too)

Pompeii Pizza at Franciscan Well

Luigi Malone’s (they offer kid sizes too)

Markets and Events Mobile Clay-Oven Pizza – Knockout Pizza (no fixed location) & Volcano

Fun toppings – Sober Lane

On a menu with other ‘dinner out’ foods – Luigi Malone’s and Nosta

Gluten-free – Uncle Pete’s



Loving Salads (dine-in or take away, daytime only)

Son of a Bun (lunch and dinner)

SoHo (lunch and dinner)

Rocketman (take away, daytime hours)


…ingredients and supplies to cook.

Sausage – O’Flynn’s in English Market

Spiced Beef [to cook at home] – Chicken Inn, Durcan’s, or Coughlan’s in English Market


…something sweet or spiked.

Nibbles/Tapas &  Cocktails – The Bridge, Parlour Cafe, Electric, Les Gourmandises

Classic pint – The Castle Inn

Cream-filled buns or cinnamon rolls – Ali’s Kitchen

Donuts – Sticky Fingers

Gingerbread/Shortbread Man Cookie – ABC (gingerbread) or Healy’s (shortbread with chocolate trousers) in English Market

Hot Port – Le Chateau

Step Back In Time – Hi-B Bar

Afternoon Tea – There was a separate post for this.

Boozy Hot Chocolate – Idaho Cafe

Moscow Mule – Oyster Tavern (they even have the proper copper mugs)



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Now come on, Leesiders, comment with your favourites!

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