Happy Halloween

I have neglected blogging here lately, but am trying to get back into the swing of things. One of the first steps to blogging more often is to not feel intimidated by what needs to be posted. Not every post needs to be a lengthy prose on the finer points of brunch in Cork or life as an expat. Giving myself that forgiveness is essential to getting back into the habit of blogging regularly, so bear with me on these shorter or more photo-focused posts as I rebuild the habits. And please comment what what you enjoy reading here so I know what to write more of. Now, on to a few photos from our Halloweens here over the last ten Octobers. Yes, ten Octobers living in Ireland. For better and worse.

Cork’s traditional community-driven Dragons of Shandon parade on Halloween night.
Fire-breathing baby head? #dragonofshandon #halloween #creepy

The English Market decorated for Halloween

Happy Halloween! A view of @english_market fountain decorated for the holiday. #corkcity #ig_cork #ig_ireland #hellocork_ #halloween #englishmarket

Visiting Fota in costume
Perfect #Halloween day at @fotawildlife where some animals look like they're wearing masks. #redpanda #spiderman #fotawildlifepark #fotawildlife #hellocork_ #ig_cork #ig_ireland #notricksjusttreats #motherhood

Jack O’Lantern

Smile for the camera, Jack! #jackolantern #pumpkin #halloween #leaders2015

The window display at O’Brien Office Supplies by Lapps Quay
Love the seasonal window display at O'Brien's Offices by Lapps Quay in Cork city. #halloween #office #skeleton #workaholic #overworked #ig_cork #hellocork_

A rare photo of my husband

I never share photos of my husband online, but this is an exception for #Halloween. #vforvendetta

If you want to see more Halloween pics, check out my post about Leapy Hollow, Cork Zombie Walk, or Halloween posts. Also, check out posts on EvinOK.com (my award-winning blog) about my Halloween costumes.


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