Knitted Knockers for Breast Cancer Ireland

Olann and is hosting a #knockeralong at Mad Monk in Midleton on Wednesday, 25 October 7-10pm. Tickets are €20 each and includes a special goody bag. This event is in aid of Breast Cancer Ireland.

Thousands of women each year are diagnosed with breast cancer and have to undergo a mastectomy. Knitted Knockers is a wonderful movement of generosity and compassion that gives these women a viable alternative to silicone prosthesis.

You can download the knitting pattern for C Cup Size Knitted Knockers.

To learn more about the event, please visit the Olann and official web page.

The Knitted Knockers Ireland Facebook page is also a great resource.


2 thoughts on “Knitted Knockers for Breast Cancer Ireland

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  1. Big thanks for spreading the word.

    The Knitted Knockers Campaign is a great example of charity knitting and crochet at it’s best. The women I’ve spoken to all swear by the knitted prosthesis and rate them above and beyond the medical ones in terms of comfort and appearance.


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