Lunch at Coqbull

Mags O’Connor, head of Sales and Marketing for Coqbull Restaurant tells of Coqbull’s combined “old industrial feel with a cool and funky interior look, attracting a young demographic to focus on casual dining which will relate to the brand’s values and character concentrating on serving delicious real  rotisserie chicken and burgers with a host of interesting accompaniments, craft beers and of course Coqbull Coqtails. The menu is great, options like sharing platters, wings, ribs, organic salads, a range of burgers, rotisserie chicken & bacon fries all combine to make Coqbull the ultimate funky restaurant in the city! CoqBull is an example of a brand that truly brings it’s concept to the fore, laying all of its fancies and flaws on the table to delight and excite it’s guest.  Humorous, fierce, raw and always honest, CoqBull is the ultimate embodiment of real food for real people in Cork city.”


Location: 5 French Church Street, Cork Tel: 0214278444


Twitter: @Coqbull_Cork

Facebook: Coqbull


Hours for Lunch:

Lunch: Mon–Fri 12Noon-4pm

Lunch: Saturday 12Noon-4pm

Lunch: Sunday 12:30pm-4pm

At specified times, Coqbull offers:

  • Daily specials, in addition to standard menu options
  • In-house made jams, marmalades, or relish
  • Knowledgeable wait staff
  • Outdoor seating
  • Child-friendly atmosphere
  • Special “Kid Size”, child-specific, or half-portion menu
  • Signature brunch cocktails
  • Fresh local ingredients
  • Reservations
  • Nearby public parking is available (within one street of location)

Price for lunch for one person (one main and coffee): €9–12

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