American Thanksgiving at Electric

Electric on South Mall has noticed over these last few years that people’s habits and expectations for socializing are evolving. At first, it made them nervous, but then they realized it is actually an opportunity to engage more, try new things, and be different. 

From this, #ElectricExperiences was born – these are events, themes, menus, and specials that Electric creates that are uniquely theirs and helps satiate your appetite for something ‘more’.

For that reason, Electric is going all out for Thanksgiving this year, the 24th of November, by offering full Thanksgiving dinner in the restaurant. Booking is essential, especially for groups, so please email: with any questions or to make reservations.

As I mentioned yesterday, Thanksgiving is a very important holiday for me and other Americans worldwide. Being an expat doesn’t lessen the love for the holiday or wish to give thanks, in fact, it strengthens it. I live in a country into which I was not born. These distant shores may have been familiar to my ancestors, but to me, even after eight years, I remain a foreigner longing for a comforting taste of home when such special days roll around. This year, with the birth of my second child, I feel all too far away from family which is why I’m delighted more Cork-based restaurants are hosting Thanksgiving feasts because it gives us all, not just the Americans among us, a chance to break bread together and give thanks because being part of this amazing community in Cork is something for which I am very grateful.


Thanksgiving #ElectricExperiences
Thursday, 24 November 2016
South Mall, Cork City

Thanksgiving at Electric in Cork City | 40 Shades of LifeThanksgiving at Electric in Cork City | 40 Shades of LifeThanksgiving at Electric in Cork City | 40 Shades of Life


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