So Many Meals So Little Time To Post… Fenn’s Quay

For seven and a half years, my husband and I have been dining at Fenn’s Quay. It started out because it was near where we were when we first moved to Cork, then we realised we liked that the menu changed daily and with the seasons, and after several years of this I became friends with Kate who owns the restaurant and runs the kitchen with a magic wand that looks like a spatula. I eat there more often than most places. It’s in our main rotation. But if I posted on my blog every time I ate at Fenn’s, you’d wonder if I ever cook. So, today, I’m sharing photos from my Fenn’s Quay meals in one place. But if these photos aren’t enough for you and you can’t make it to Cork City to dine there (they serve three meals a day Monday through Friday and two meals on Saturdays), then you can follow Chefess Kate on Instagram for all the tasty insight into her kitchen.


Toonsbridge mozzarella #sandwich for #lunch at @fennsquay @fennsquayrestaurant #foodporn #irishfood

West Cork Scallops for dinner at Fenn's Quay in Cork

West Cork Scallops for dinner at Fenn's Quay in Cork

Chips that actually taste like fried potato!


My Dad's dessert at @fennsquay @fennsquayrestaurant was a flourless chocolate cake. He loved it.

Dinner is served. @fennsquay for father-daughter night out. @fennsquayrestaurant #latergram

Anti Pasto at Fenns Quay

Special mother-son lunch date at @fennsquayrestaurant. We shared plaice goujons and chunky chips.

Chefess Kate's fresh baked bread and @glenilenfarms Irish butter at @fennsquay @fennsquayrestaurant

Spiced Beef in Stout Reduction with Horseradish Croquette.

#Ham croquettes at @fennsquay @caitl #dinner #irishfood #food

Lemon #sole #fish with Ballyhoura #mushroom #risotto for #dinner @fennsquay @caitl

#Fluffy #pancakes for #brunchcork at #fennsquay with @caitl

Congratulations to @fennsquay and @caitl on Best Scone in Ireland Finalists 2013!


This was one of the most innovative and delicious starters I've enjoyed in a long time. #food @caitl @slatedireland


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  1. I’ve just arrived in Cork so all your blog has been a precious guide for my survival. Thanks a lot!! Without knowing you are giving me the strengh I need to be by myself in Cork without regreting it.

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