Lunch at Fishy Fishy in Kinsale

I’ve been to lunch at Fishy Fishy several times in my seven years in Cork, but have never written about the experience, but now with their extended dining area I feel like there’s no time like the present. This isn’t a review as you are accustomed to reading. I try to avoid writing reviews that are just my opinion because, as I stated in my TripAdvisor-related interview, I’d rather inform you to make your own choices. So this post is about the food with lovely photos. But the fact that I’ve gone back repeatedly should hint it’s worth the trip.

I always admire seafood-focused restaurants that also include quality chicken or steak on their menu. Even if it’s just one option, so long as it is done perfectly. I am still dreaming about a creamy Old Bay chicken dish I ate at Pier W outside Cleveland, Ohio.

Fishy fishy in kinsale

Chicken Salad at Fishy Fishy

Pan Fried Monkfish served over Basmati Rice with Spring Onion Tempura accompanied by a Sweet Chilli, Corriander and Ginger Butter
Pan Fried Monkfish 2

Pan Fried Monkfish 3

Sometimes, a perfect Caesar is all that stands between me and a perfect day. I have a top five list, the Alibi Room in Seattle is on it, as is a restaurant on an Italian island. Fishy Fishy is on the list too.

Lunch at Fishy Fishy




Time for dessert!


My dining companion was lactose intolerant and though reassured that her meal was dairy-free, she ended up being quite sick soon after we left the restaurant. So, though it is an amazing place to eat, anyone with allergies must be vigilant. I, for one, must be careful with anything that has a seafood stock or base because they often use mussels in their own. Mussels dislike me very much.

So, I love Fishy Fishy though it is rife with allergens so ask lots of questions and use common sense when ordering.

Wish I had a photo of their breads and hummus. I love that part when they set it down to start the meal.

Fishy Fishy
crowleys quay, kinsale, co. cork.
tel: +353 21 4700415


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