Vivi’s Trading in Kinsale

As you know, I’m a fan and friend of Smudge Yarns. We recently collaborated together and with Suzanne McEndoo on the book, These Islands: Knits from Ireland, Scotland, and England (which recently sold out of its second print run). But I’m also a fan of independent shops, especially local yarn stores. So, today, I’m showing a few photos from Vivi’s Trading in Kinsale. Provided, these photos are from last summer, but the inventory is just as delicious this summer.

So. Much. Wool.

I love the nautical feel of the shop interior, which makes sense given its perch in Kinsale.

Why look there! Is that Carol Feller’s book, Contemporary Irish Knits. Why, yes it is!

Smudge Yarns is not just popular with visitors to Ireland, but also with locals so it often has a prominent spot in the shop.

Doesn’t that pink just cry out to be knit up into my Falling Petals lace shawl?! What, you don’t hear it? Listen harder. 😉

Bird’s eye view.

Oh the little swatches are so thoughtful and really help visualize how the colorway knits up. I love the lack of pooling in her dyes.

So, there you have it. A little tasty treat in the form of local yarn store and locally-dyed wool heaven. Which part is your favourite?

Enough about me. What are you thinking?

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