May Bank Holiday Cork City Brunch Options

Last week, we asked local food beacons for their May bank holiday hours and this is what we learned. Some serve lunch, not brunch, but I’ve listed them as well because options are good when dining out on a holiday weekend.

UPDATE: I’ve created a Google Doc list of all Cork City restaurants which offer brunch (or brunchy breakfasts) so I can keep it updated more easily. There is a dedicated Brunch in Cork page on this blog so check it out for the most up-to-date restaurant information and hours.

The list in this post was accurate as of May 2015.

These hours are for this weekend ONLY. For updated hours, check with these places or our main list of brunch spots by day of the week.

BRUNCH (& a bit of LUNCH)

Idaho Cafe
Open on Saturday only.

Fenns Quay Restaurant
Open Saturday for Brunch (menu) 8:30am to 3:30. (dinner after that)

The Sextant
Brunch (menu) on Sunday and Monday from 11am to 3:30pm.

Cafe Serendipity
Open Saturday and Sunday (daytime menu)

Duke’s Coffee
Open Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.

Crawford Gallery Cafe
Open Saturday with their new brunch menu.

House Cafe in Cork Opera House
Open Saturday (festival going on in front of Opera House too!)

O’Flynn’s Gourmet Sausages
Open Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.

Cornstore Restaurant
Open Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.

SoHo Cork
Saturday from 11am and Sunday from 12 Noon.

Montenotte Hotel
Brunch Saturday and Sunday.


Farmgate Cafe in English Market
Open Saturday

Knockout Pizza (mobile wood-fired pizza oven)
Open on Saturday at Choral Festival in Emmet Square (in front of Opera House) from 11am to 5pm

Market Lane
Lunch (menu) on Saturday from midday and on Sunday and Monday from 1pm.

Lunch (menu) on Saturday from midday and on Sunday and Monday from 1pm.

Orso Kitchen & Bar
Open all day Saturday and on Sunday from 4 to 10pm. (Closed Monday)

Uncle Pete’s Pizza
Lunch (menu) on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday

These places are not listed, but worth calling perhaps… Fresco Bistro, Zamora, Bodega, Liberty Grill, Cafe Gusto, Tara’s Tea Room, Gallagher’s, 6ix, and Buttercup Cafe. More details on all these places are in my Brunch Spots by Days of the Week blog post.

View Brunch in Cork in a larger map

You can also contact me on Twitter @BrunchCork if you’re on the go and can’t read this blog post but need a recommendation. If I’m awake, I’ll reply.

You are now armed with the power to go out and brunch!


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