Putting Money Where My Cake Goes – Cake Club at Electric in Support of L’Arche

Many of you know I self-published my first book this past November and it is completely devoted to baking, knitting, and sewing. So, when I heard Electric (where I knit nearly every weekend for the over three years) is hosting its first ever Charity Cake Club with a call to local bakers to bring their best cake in for a friendly competition to win €100 voucher, I was ready to devote my hunger to the cause. But then with all the recipe testing I did last year for my book, I was missing the baking and decided to bring a cake myself. After all, I love the idea of people trying my cake and donating a few quid to L’Arche for a slice of sweetness then judging the best dessert. It’s win-win. Baking, eating, and helping others. What could be better? Well, what if I could help others more than just with a cake?

So I’m putting my money where my cake goes and telling you all right now that I have 25 copies of Bake Knit Sew at the moment and will bring them to Electric’s Cake Club on Sunday. For every copy of the book that sells on Sunday afternoon, L’Arche gets 50% of the €16 price. That is €8 for every book sold straight to charity. If all 25 books sell, that’s €200 for L’Arche. And to further convince you of the book’s worth, I’ll be baking and dropping off desserts that include at least one of the book’s 13 recipes!

If you’ve been meaning to buy my book or sit around for several hours eating cake, this Sunday is the perfect opportunity.

Screen Shot 2014-10-25 at 16.32.03

And what makes this idea so perfect? Many of the photos in Bake Knit Sew were photographed in Electric’s Fish Bar!

See you on Sunday! Bring your appetite and a few bob for charity. Cake, forks, and good craic will be provided. Oh, and the first rule of Charity Cake Club? Don’t say the word calories.


Enough about me. What are you thinking?

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