Kumon Method Learning Comes to Cork

Having a son has made me more interested in education and early childhood development. I do not know what challenges he will face in his learning and I certainly am unfamiliar with the Irish education system, which makes me eager to learn about resources and approaches that can help him (and me) with the beginning of his lifelong learning process. Which, as you can imagine, meant I was excited to hear that there is a Kumon instructor in Cork! Kumon method’s maths and English study programmes work to build a child’s confidence and inspire a passion for learning that begins when young and continues throughout life.

In the 1950s in Japan, Toru Kumon was a math teacher and facing challenges with his eldest son’s ability to grasp mathematic concepts in school. Through his own expertise and working with his son, he developed a specific learning method now called Kumon. This method involves repetition of key mathematics skills, such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, until mastery is reached. Students then progress to studying the next mathematical topic. Kumon defined mastery as being able to get an excellent score on the material in the time given. Kumon strongly emphasised the concepts of time and accuracy. In the 60 years since the method was first developed, it has spread to multiple countries, including Ireland.

We were at a party and I heard about it and tucked the information away for future reference. We have many engineers and mathematicians in our family, so I know how important math skills are and want to make sure my son has every advantage for success. Because early academic success is built upon with effort and more success and self-confidence.

Locally, Grain O’Donnell in Douglas instructs children on the Kumon method locally. Her centre runs at Garryduff Sports Centre in Rochestown every Wednesday from 3:00pm to 5:00pm and every Saturday from 9:15am to 11:15am. If you’re not in Cork, you can find your local Kumon instructor by visiting Kumon.ie or ringing 1800.523.191.

Disclaimer: Though this sounds like a sponsored post or ad, it isn’t. I received no compensation for this post and was not asked to write it by anyone. I just found this very interesting and know other parents might as well. 


4 thoughts on “Kumon Method Learning Comes to Cork

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  1. I had heard that you could do kumon abroad, by ordering the materials online, but I didn’t realize there were actual instructors …especially in Ireland. A lot of parents introduce their kids to kumon around 6 years old. What is the age of ft the kids in Cork? Just curious!

    1. Hi Elle. Yes, actual real-life instructors! At the moment in Douglas we have preschoolers up to Junior Cert students. Each student is working independently through the programme at their own pace regardless of age though.

      1. Its great to hear that its popular. I see I forgot to put “here in Japan” in my original comment, about the kids being 6 years old starting off. Not everyone of course. Its just a common starting point as that is the age kids start primary school here.
        I love to find information like this to drop into conversations over here. This one will get a lot of oohs and ahs, they will be delighted to hear that kumon is popular in Ireland. 🙂

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