Review of Brunch at Goldberg’s Bar, Cork City Centre

Sunday brunch in Cork City is a challenge when most places are closed, but there are a few gems in town for the occasion – Goldberg’s Bar, for one! And since this blog is hungry work, especially with the most popular posts being the ones I write about food, dining out is my indulgence. This past weekend, we explored the southeastern edge of the city and enjoyed a marina-adjacent brunch at Goldberg’s.

As you may expect, I was smitten with the exterior at first glance. We all know I have a crush on subway tile. I felt it was a good sign (spoiler alert: it was).


LB loved the space and explored it quickly and repeatedly upon first arrival. Especially because we saw a familiar face (as is almost always the case when out and about in Cork City), so he wanted to impress his old friend with his antics. The interior is divided into original rooms, making the expansive space feel cosy and familiar. After a few minutes, LB settled into an armchair at our table in the front room. The room is green and has a large window overlooking the street outside and the marina. Then we got down to ordering because we were hungry.

We saw they have Franciscan Well’s Chieftain on drought, so one had to be enjoyed. And it was. Every last drop.


The menu was only on chalkboards, giving us that feeling of fresh ingredients, seasonal inspiration, and rotating options. I immediately wanted three of the items on the menu (2nd, 6th and last items), but settled on my perennial favourite – eggs Florentine. My husband ordered the full fry-up. My son requested toast with butter and we ordered him a side of chips just in case.

Brunch at Goldberg's Bar in Cork City Centre

My eggs Florentine arrived on a cheerful blue and white floral plate. Instead of flat toast, the eggs and spinach were atop a bap half each. A filling and buttery twist on a classic in my opinion. I enjoyed my meal immensely. The spinach was moist, but not watery, and lacked the grit I often encounter in spinach I make at home. The sauce was sparse, letting the runny egg yolk take centre stage instead. Each bite was a perfect medley of fresh poached egg, wilted spinach, and soft pillow of bap goodness.




Himself enjoyed his plate. Especially the Cork inclusion of black pudding. He cleared his plate quickly and with enthusiasm.


The chips were fresh, large wedges that would be better described as potato goujons. LB barely shared. He still isn’t find of the potato skins so he ate the chips like one might eat an orange slice, discarding the skin side of the wedge back into the bowl as only a three-year-old can get away with doing.


We left eager for a return visit, and perhaps trying their lunch. But definitely this place will be a new favourite in our Sunday brunch rotation.

You probably caught some of the experience if you follow me on Instagram (I’m #13 on LovinDublin’s Top Irish Instagram Foodies list), but now you have all the juicy details.

I'm a sucker for subway tile. Curb appeal abound at @goldbergsbar

Goldberg’s Bar

4 Victoria Road (across from the marina)
Cork City
Tel: (021) 496 5848





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