Movember brews that’ll really give you a beer moustache

It’s Movember. You know there are four beers that are made for this season. National Bohemian (Baltimore, MD), Mountain Man Brewing (Cork, Ireland), Moustache Brewing Co. (New York), and Traveler Beer Co. (Vermont).

Let’s talk logos. While Natty Boh is more polished with his subtle monocle and cheerful head tilt, Mountain Man is no nonsense with his too-busy-hunting-to-trim-the-beard rugged looks. Moustache Brewing has a handlebar worthy of Snidely Whiplash, also shared by Traveler Beer’s Curious Traveler Shandy who looks a bit more like an American pioneer (look for the photo of Axel H. Soelberg on page 66 of this book, Scandinavians on the Pacific, Puget Sound, by Thomas Ostenson Stine).

Natty Boh has a crab alter ego. Mountain Man has a squirrel sidekick and a hairy goat out back. Moustache Brewing and Traveler Brewing are all about the whiskers.

This post in no way encourages you to drink alcohol, which is why it’s no accident photos of the actual beer are omitted. I’m just sharing a reminder that food and beverages go beyond what’s in the bottle/package to… the moustache on the label. Heck, they give a whole new meaning to the term “beer moustache”.

And a friendly reminder that if you’re local to Cork City, Bradley’s on North Main is my go-to spot for Mountain Man and any speciality brews. No kickbacks for mentioning this, just trying to support local businesses in my little way and they really know their stuff (and they deliver within Ireland).


Enough about me. What are you thinking?

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