Remember and Appreciate The Good Ones

It has to be said that the Irish know how to look on the bright side and keep going in spite of decidedly bleak economic issues as the last six years have brought, but sometimes you pause and just realise it stinks. This is never so apparent now after The Pavilion has closed and I recently learned a lovely restaurant I liked in Kinsale has closed this past year. So, this post is just a quiet tribute to them and the other closed places we keep meaning to go to more often, but don’t.

Sad The Pav is gone. Pure Cork to see bets are on its wall as to who will take it over. #PureCork

My favourite two gigs that I went to at The Pav were Duke Special and Fred’s Last Hoorah. Of course, I also saw Fred two other times there, so those were great too.


The restaurant was called Cucina in Kinsale. I really liked it, now it’s closed. It was a great restaurant with quality ingredients and a friendly staff. It didn’t yell at customers or have tiny portions of cheap foods and it didn’t serve frozen chips and pretend they were hand-cut. So, why did it close? Who knows.

Cucina in Kinsale

Cucina in Kinsale

Crab at Cucina in Kinsale

Crab at Cucina in Kinsale

Cucina in Kinsale

Ok, quiet tribute over now time for a call to arms. Let’s not forget the good places, even after they’re no longer open because this helps us remember to appreciate the ones we still have. Where are you dining this week? Is there a place that you love so much that its closing would make you feel sad?

Don’t wait for a special occasion to visit your favourite places. Support them now because this is when they are open and creating amazing foods just for you!


Enough about me. What are you thinking?

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