Bombay Mix Side-By-Side Comparison

My favourite snack food is pretty much Bombay mix. It was one of the few foods I could keep down consistently while pregnant, so it is accurate to state that I eat about 200–400 grams (that is a bag or two) per week. Can you say salt-induced water retention? Yeah, I gave it up for three weeks and my skinny jeans became my baggy jeans! But I could only stay away so long.


Even though I love Bombay mix, I never became picky. It was always a wild card as to which Bombay mix would show up on our kitchen counter because Tesco sells three kinds and we never stopped to figure out which was my favourite. Until now.

Bombay mix 200gram bag bought at tesco


Harvest Fare Bombay Mix Fiery Mix
Includes: Noodles, lentils, peanuts.
Slightly spicy in a lip-burning way.
Crispy texture with a vegetable oil and paprika aftertaste that is compelling.
65.8 grams of fat per 200g bag
37.6 grams protein per 200g bag

Bombay mix 200gram bag bought at tesco


Forest Feast Bombay Mix
Includes: Noodles, lentils, peanuts, sultanas, cashews, and coconut.
Quite spicy in a throat-, mouth- and lip-burning way.
Orange hue with slight fennel flavour and heavy tones of chilli, paprika, and turmeric. Too spicy for me. Very few sultanas, cashews and coconut. Nice that the noodles are a variety of sizes.
53.2 grams of fat per 200g bag
39 grams protein per 200g bag

Bombay mix 200gram bag bought at tesco


Tesco Bombay Mix
Includes: Noodles, lentils, peanuts, sultanas, cashews.
Not spicy.
Standard Bombay mix with no surprises. Just enough coconut shavings and full sultanas (actually, golden raisins) to vary the flavours. This would be an ideal party mix because it is mild enough for most people. Beware nut allergies though.
51.8 grams of fat per 200g bag
39.4 grams protein per 200g bag


The first and third are my favourites. I may pour them both into a big air-tight container, shake, and make a custom mix for snack time. Which is your favourite? Do you like spice in your Bombay mix? I think next I’ll check out the ones sold at the authentic Indian groceries in town.


One thought on “Bombay Mix Side-By-Side Comparison

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  1. Oh i love bombay mix, the sesame sticks on their own are absolutely great as well. It so unexpected to see a blog post on bombay mix i had to comment. I have definitely enjoyed what i have read here, very interesting perspective, from an obsessive food lover and a cork person.

    I stumbled across the blog due to your post about Aroi, will have to check that place out as soon as possible, dying to have some crabmeat fried rice, I have not seen it since I was in Asia.
    If youre ever in Kinsale if you have not already done so, you should check out Shanghai Express. Asian tapas style of restaurant, interesting menu. Its not often one would see rendang.

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