Date Night with A Few Good Men

On the heels of my unusually personal series this week and just ahead of a very important wedding anniversary, I felt the need to share something more in keeping with the blog’s focus on arts, culture, and all things Cork and wonderful. So I’m telling you to get off your computers and go to the theatre. Because it’s date night! Without the little man! Where are we going to celebrate? The Everyman is playing host to ‘A Few Good Men and there are two shows left in Cork City before they up sticks and continue their tour of Ireland. 

So, I’m sure you can imagine me doing this or this or a little of this at the prospect of a grown-up pre-theatre dinner without chasing dropped toy cars onto the floor. Oh yes, people, I’ll be wearing a dress! Possibly heels. And there will definitely not be food in my hair (*whispers* unlike most other days when LB slips it in there while I give him a piggyback). And let’s face it, I love the fun pre-theatre menus on offer in Cork, but feel so boring that I don’t get out to the theatre so now I get to!

You’re thinking the title ‘A Few Good Men is familiar, right? It’s a film with iconic dialogue and remarkable acting. You may not know it featured Cuba Gooding Jr and Noah Wyle. Yes, I pay attention to these details. But you know why the dialogue was so pithy and memorable? Because Aaron Sorkin wrote it. You know, the writer of The NewsroomWest Wing and Sports Night (Also the screenplay for Moneyball, which if you read the book must acknowledge a valiant undertaking given the content of Michael Lewis’s writing). I secretly believe he could very well have written a few episodes of Gilmore Girls while sipping root beer floats one night, but I suppose that is just in my head. But Mr. Sorkin is known for his unique writing approach and style. This is why I wasn’t surprised to learn that he also writes plays! Including A Few Good Men, which was then later adapted to the screen (he also wrote the screenplay). It makes sense though. I find a really good stage production is all about phenomenal dialogue and characters that pull you in quickly, Mr. Sorkin is good at creating both.

This production has an American cast direct from the Keegan Theatre of Washington, D.C. (my hometown!). So, authentic American accents, professional actors, and a top notch play by an award-winning writer. And it’s at The Everyman! One of the gems of theatre in County Cork. Don’t worry, tickets are available for you to have your very own theatre night out too!

A Few Good Men
The Everyman Palace Theatre

Oh and there’s some good press too. Again, these are professionals. Can you tell I’m looking forward to a theatre date with my husband? Yeah, just a little.

“Superb theatre, wonderful performances” – The Washington Post

“Plenty of wise cracking humor and suspense” – Time Magazine

“Enormously entertaining” – The New York Daily News

Here is a review of the 30-scene play in the Irish Examiner earlier this month.

Oh and if you’re not in Cork or if you’re up for a road trip, here’s where the production is headed in Ireland next before flying back to the States.

The 2014 Ireland Tour: A FEW GOOD MEN

Town Hall Theatre, GALWAY
August 21-23

Everyman Theatre, CORK
August 27-30

Mullingar Arts Centre, MULLINGAR
September 5-6

Glor Theatre, ENNIS
September 9

Watergate Theatre, KILKENNY 
September 11-13



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