French Tasting Menu at Annie’s Gastropub

Having spent much time in France and being in Paris most recently in June, at this point you may realise I love French food (and fashion and style and architecture). So, it comes as no surprise that I was drooling a little to hear about Annie’s Gastropub is having a French tasting menu dinner. Oh yes, they’re bringing France to Cork on August 29th starting at 7pm for €45 per person.

A taste of the menu, you ask? Oh, alright…

Charcueterie, saussicon, Toulouse sausage, house-made terrine, duck rillette.

Saumur Champigny Tuffe 2010, Chateau du Hureau (Loire Valley)


Steamed shellfish broth, mussels, clams, fennel & chevril

Le Sirocco Chardonnay 2012, Domaine Sainte Rose (Languedoc)


Lapin, Rbbit Ballotine, Smoked Bacon & Chicken Mousse, Mustard, Confit potato, Apricots

Cotes du Rhome Reserve des Armoires 2012


Poached Hake Fillet, Buerre Blanc, Braised Fennel, Capers

Sancerre Domaine André Dezat 2012 (Loire Valley)


Valrhona Chocolate & Cognac Mousse, Armagnac & Prune Ice Cream or French Cheeseboard

Symphonie de Novembre 2010, Domaine Cauhapé (Jurançon)


This is all just what is in mind for the night, some items may change before then or be unavailable. Always the challenge with fresh ingredients and speciality items.


Goodness, this is so short it probably sounds very commercial, but heck I just wanted company with my drool fest over here.


Enough about me. What are you thinking?

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