Welcome to Ireland: A Newcomer’s Survival Guide

It has been 74 months since I arrived at Cork Airport with five bags of my favorite possessions to make Ireland my new home. Though time has given me comfort and sense of feeling local, I still remember what it feels like to assimilate to a new life in a new city in a new country so this post is for newcomers to Ireland, with a focus on those new to Cork City or visiting here.

St. Ann's Shandon Bells

Packing for relocation.

First things to do when you arrive: Part 1 and Part 2.

Of course, you should own a raincoat or some rain boots if you will be walking much. I walk everywhere here so I have Wellies and also a pair of trusty and vintage Bean Boots.

If you’re a knitter, you’ll love all our wool shops. You can even drop in on a knitting group. There’s one every Wednesday morning at Vibes & Scribes craft shop on Bridge Street!

If you sew, familiarise yourself with Cork Button Company.

If you like beer, wine, or whiskey, visit Bradley’s Off-Licence on North Main Street

For second-hand shopping in Cork City, you have many options and good prices. Not shabby stuff either!

Go to brunch! It is a nice way to settle into your new home. Here’s a list of Brunch spots in Cork City.

Having trouble with the accent? Don’t worry, you’ll get used to it. But the slang may take a bit of help. I’ve made notes and they’re all in my Cork Slang Dictionary.

Forget something in the move?
For appliances, shop Argos (€), Debenhams (€€), Brown Thomas (€€€), or one of the home stores like B&Q, Dwyers, or Woodies.
For bedding or home linens, shop Penney’s/Primark (€), Guiney’s (€), Dunnes (€), TK Maxx (€€), Debenhams (€€), Next (€€), or Brown Thomas (€€€).
For home decor (like toss pillows or candlesticks, shop Argos (€), Penney’s/Primark (€), Guiney’s (€), Dunnes (€), TK Maxx (€€), Debenhams (€€), Next (€€), or Brown Thomas (€€€).
For curtain rods and curtains, shop Guiney’s (€).
To sew your own curtains, shop for fabric at Guiney’s (€-€€), Vibes and Scribes (€-€€€), or Hickey’s (€€€).

Now, I have many more blog posts and resources, but now I’m going to share some outside resources because I am a grown-up and can admit I don’t know everything. Shhh, don’t tell my husband.

Relocating to Cork (Tyndall)

Cork City (Discover Ireland)

Man with a Van (moving help)

Moving to Cork (Make It In Cork)

IKEA Dublin Store (IKEA delivers to Cork or you can buy through Happy Flatpacks)

Soon enough, you’ll be setting your Wellies by the door and feeling at-home in Cork.

Ready and Welly


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