Bloomsday Flowers

There is the most charming and inspiring flower shop in Carrigtwohill, County Cork called Bloomsday Flowers. I ran across it while driving through the town last month and was immediately drawn to it when I saw the bunting-laden front windows.

I love bunting in general, so the two front windows of @bloomsdayflowers had me at hello (to use a tire but classic phrase).

The shop within didn’t disappoint. It is no shabby all chic and completely darling! Jess who owns and runs the place has a way with display too.

Bloomsday Flowers in Carrigtwohill, Cork

Shelves of vintage china (also for sale!) and tall containers of flowers adorn the shop. She hand-selected each piece in the collection.

A sink! In a sideboard! With a hutch! Brilliant. @bloomsdayflowers charmed me today.

That teacup and saucer and perfection!

It is apparent that isn’t just a florist who caters to wedding bouquets, ‘get well’ deliveries, or funeral arrangements, but also one who tends to the everyday occasions such as ‘just because you’re you’ or ‘I was just driving by’. In the States we call those cash-and-carry businesses. My own wedding florist actually says this is his bread and butter. It is the romantic husbands, thoughtful friends, and grateful dinner or overnight guests who bring unexpected bouquets or arrangements that evoke the truest sense of a florist’s work to mind. In those everyday moments, we can see the compassion and appreciation we have for those in our lives.

A feast for the eyes. Makes me want to get married again just to make a bouquet!

Here are a few photos of the inside of Bloomsday Flowers to entice you to stop in next time you’re in the area. And in case you’re wondering where the shop got its name, it comes from the James Joyce day when Mr. Bloom walked around Dublin in Ulysses. That day, is the 16th of June (1904 in the book). So, every June 16th is Bloomsday – or everyday if you live within the delivery area of Bloomsday Flowers.

Summer is alive and well in this cute little flower shop.

The prettiest non-generic greeting card display I've seen in a long time. Oh and that dresser. *swoon* @bloomsdayflowers

Bloomsday Flowers
Main St, Carrigtwohill, Co. Cork
Tel: 021 428 7404

Today, I visited the prettiest flower shop ever. Bloomsday Flowers in Carrigtwohill. Its windows have bunting!

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