Rocket Man on Princes Street

You’ve probably seen him at markets and festivals, but now Rocket Man has an HQ on Princes Street in Cork City Centre as of late June 2014. As an American, I didn’t know what rocket was until I moved here. See, in the States it is called arugula. I’ve since learned its magical ways and that a little goes a long way (like watercress). Of course, a little isn’t what Rocket Man is known for. This brick-and-mortar shop serves up fresh healthy portions of their house made salads and spreads.

This place looks intriguing. #Rocket man on Princes Street in #Cork

I couldn’t resist trying the place out so I bought a serving of tabouleh with beet hummus. Delicious!

First take-away from the Rocket Man deli on Princes Street in Cork City. Double dose of Tabouleh with beetroot hummus on top. Perfection in a fresh guilt-free salad.

Fresh ingredients don’t come cheap. It cost about €5.50 and it was just enough for me to eat for a light meal. But I highly recommend it if you are looking for a guilt-free bite to eat. If only all tourists knew to go places like this and get their food in a bag then catch the 208 bus (or walk) to Fitzgerald Park for a picnic. This is the stuff that gives Irish food a good name.

The Rocket Man HQ, No. 38 Princes St, Cork City. Cork
Tel: 086 822 9624
Facebook and Twitter

You can read about this new venture in the Irish Examiner (Rocketman lands in space, July 03, 2014).


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