Am I a Loud American?

Two weeks ago, a restaurant in the Ring of Kerry posted a sign stating: “No bus/coach or, Loud American’s. Thank You.” Needless to say, being prime tourist season for the Ring of Kerry and living in the age of connectivity, this sign did not go unnoticed. Soon, it made the news. You can click on that to read more about the establishment, which I refuse to name here because it only fuels free publicity for such a stunt.  When I first saw the sign, I thought the guy must be having a bad day and is probably tired of bus-loads of tourists showing up for a cup of €2 tea and then leaving him with lots of dishes, a headache, random crumpled up maps on the floor, and no toilet paper in the restaurant’s bathroom. Could be, but maybe he should take a vacation instead of banning potential customers. Of course, such a simple outlook didn’t last long in the face of media attention. Soon words like “nationalism” and “anti-foreigner” were being thrown around. Seriously, here’s a photo of the sign with all its bad lay-out and grammar. He even used American flag colours. This sign isn’t worth of such a length debate. Drive on past this restaurant and go to Cahersiveen or another spot or even to West Cork. But before I shrugged the whole thing off, I was contacted by NewsTalk to share my opinion as a long-time resident of Ireland who happens to be American. THIS is the result.


Enough about me. What are you thinking?

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