Mexican Food in Cork City Centre

When I first moved here from California, it was a challenge to find a decent burrito. Thankfully, the past six years have been blessed with my husband’s Mexican cooking. We bring canned tomatillos back in our luggage! But recently Cork has had a resurgence of Mexican and Tex-Mex cuisine. Here are a few places to get you in the mood for a fiesta (or siesta).

Burritos & Blues



Brunch at 6ix in cork

Brunch at 6ix in cork

Cafe Mexicana

El Banditos (update: closed May 2014)


Of course, there are grocery options too! Black beans are available at Quay Co-op as well as the first stall on the left when entering the English Market on the fountain side. Dried black beans are available in the gluten-free speciality food aisle at Tesco on Paul Street. And at festivals, keep an eye out for Brendan’s Veggie Burritos and Burgers.

Best #burrito in #cork at #stpatricksday #festival

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

I’ll leave you with a photo of American-style crispy corn tacos and nachos.

Nachos and Tacos


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