Drink Local. Ode to Bradley’s Off-Licence

I feel fortunate to live close enough to an off-licence that also sells Irish gourmet foods, including Arbutus Breads, Fenn’s Quay scones, my favorite bottle ginger brew and the frozen fish sticks that my son LB loves. That magical place? Bradley’s Off-Licence on North Main Street.

It is also one of the few places in Cork City to sell chilled bottles of their beer inventory. Did you hear that? I swear the angels just sang a chorus. If you want tips on some nice Irish beers for Winter, watch  this video round-up of Irish beers, which I filmed with Michael of Bradley’s Off-Licence.

The new refrigerated beer set up at @bradleys_offlic is a treasure in a city where chilled #beer is DIY. #cork #bestofcork

They stock Irish beers, including Porterhouse and Mountain Man.

I just bought the last two bottles of @mountainmanbrewing #GreenBullet #beer from @bradleys_offlic #Mwahahaha #IrishBeer from #Cork #Ireland

As well as other European brews.

Why did it take me a week back to make to @bradleys_offlic? #Irish #Beer #IrishBeer #GourmetShop

And American imports, like the IPAs we expats know and crave.

Father's Day gift

They carry rare beers too! It is where I bought a special bottle of Shandon Century Stout two years ago for a gift for my husband.

Shandon Century Stout, Bottle 498 of 1000

Don’t worry, if you’re not in Cork you can still enjoy their selection because they deliver throughout Ireland.

Totally not an ad and not compensated in any way to write these kind words. Seriously, this place is just that good that it elicits glowing testimonials. I go in regularly and always forget which beers my husband likes, but somehow Michael recommends ones that are perfectly suited. And if they aren’t perfect, they’re still fine beers and it’s just an excuse to visit gain with my husband with me to choose his own beers.

Enough about me. What are you thinking?

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