Jamaican American in Cork

Some of you may have seen the recent episode of Househunters International with my friend Arlene. She wrote a great blog post about her experience on the TV program. I watched with my parents and squealed with delight seeing her, Finn, Margaret, the English Market and all my other favorite aspects of Cork life. And I don’t know about you but I was rooting for the place in Cobh, even though I knew she’d opt for the city centre place.

She moved to Cork a year before I did, so my husband I were reading her blog in anticipation for our big move from California. When I met her to go to an American Expat Cinco de Mayo party and realized she was THE Jamaican-American in Cork, I was a bit starstruck. But I’ve gotten over that and now we’re close friends (she was one of the first to hold my newborn son, LB, at the hospital). In fact, I cut her hair yesterday. After having a beer. Now THAT’s trust and true friendship. Or blind stupidity. But it turned out ok so I’m going with the former.

Little did I realize, however, that Arlene’s television appearance would result in more people finding MY blog! Check out these stats! Impressive when I hadn’t posted in months. Thanks for visiting…hope you come back and stay a while!

Screen Shot 2013-08-19 at 11.28.29


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