Where Have I Been?

You’ve been so sweet to patiently await my return! I am back at the helm of 40 Shades of Life now. Yay! It has been a rough six months but worthwhile. I had open liver resection surgery in April and needed a few months to recover then once I could fly, LB and I went to the States to see my parents. My Mom is in a wheelchair (MS) and has vision issues so the best way to give her grandson time is through snuggles. Success!

To read more about the last few months and the surgery, here are links to posts in my main blog, EvinOK:

Guest Post by Jeni Pim: Perseverance

Where did the time go?

Recovering from Open Liver Resection Surgery

The last of those links details the growth and its removal as well as my recovery. It was a rough road but I wanted to share my experience with others to help them be less fearful of the surgery. It is intimidating but not impossible.

Back to regular posts now! Of course, most of my posts will be shared over on EvinOK.


Enough about me. What are you thinking?

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