Why I’m a Regular at Fenn’s Quay and Electric

After reading Dianne Jacob’s post about food bloggers being pushovers (or not), I want to state clearly that even though I eat at Fenn’s Quay and Electric at least once a week, Tweet/blog about my visits there, am friends with Kate (something that happened after I wrote my TripAdvisor review) and know Ernest and Dennis, I do not receive any freebies or benefits that are not also given to other customers. Every so often, I get a free tea or hot chocolate as a random act of kindness to a group of people or customers, but this is not timed or in association with any action on my part. I have never ever been asked to write a post or review about either place. Below, I am listing what I like about each place.


Sheares Street, Cork City (one street north from Washington Street, behind the Courthouse)
Tel: 021.427.9527
Facebook and Twitter
Open Monday to Saturday, 8:30 a.m. to late

Chefess and Owner of Fenn's Quay, Kate Lawlor

West Cork Scallops for dinner at Fenn's Quay in Cork

Fenn’s Quay (owner: Kate Lawlor), Sheares Street, Cork City Centre

Why the love? 
1) The specials change daily and feature seasonal ingredients so it doesn’t get boring. But popular standards are always on their main menu. All at reasonable prices.
2) It is walking distance from my home, so it’s convenient.
3) The staff are friendly, helpful and knowledgable.
4) The food is delicious, using quality local ingredients.
5) The restaurant is clean with aubergine velvet banquet seating and chairs that feel elegant even though it’s a casual spot.
6) Ever since day one, my baby boy has received a warm welcome there and they make it easy to dine out with a little one. I am a sucker for a kid-friendly restaurant that isn’t geared toward children (ie, no frozen chicken fingers on the menu or plastic cups for everyone to drink from).
7) Free coffee refills.
8) Open from 8:30 a.m. Monday through Saturday. That’s three meals a day, six days a week!
9) Comfortable and warm. A very important attribute in rainy Cork.



South Mall, Cork City (downstairs)
Tel: 021.422.2990
Facebook and Twitter
Open Monday to Saturday, 10:00 a.m. to late. Open Sundays too!

Electric Restaurant & Bar on South Mall, Cork City

Rare roast beef sandwich at Electric

Electric Bar (owner: Ernest Cantillon), South Mall, Cork City Centre

Why the love? 
1) Simple but creative sandwiches and soups after Noon for reasonable prices.
2) It is walking distance from my home, so it’s convenient.
3) The staff are friendly and welcoming to my baby boy, LB.
4) There is a changing table in the handicapped restroom. Though it took me over six months of motherhood to discover that (I never asked).
5) It is clean with great natural light streaming in the windows.
6) They carry Australian non-alcoholic ginger beer and pitchers of water with different sliced citrus or fresh mint.
7) Welcoming to my knitting group. Knitters are the like the skateboarders of the craft world. We are too busy knitting to order lots of food and drink so not a real money-maker for wherever we meet.
8) Sometimes there is a little taster of biscotti with my hot chocolate and it’s such a treat. Not always there as it is not listed as part of the hot chocolate on the menu, so a nice surprise.

So, there you have the details on why I eat where I do. Now, there’s no need to doubt the sincerity of my posts and enthusiasm for Fenn’s Quay and Electric. I go to these places with regularity and love them without any compensation, freebies, bribery, brown envelopes or begging. Isn’t that how it’s supposed to be?

6 thoughts on “Why I’m a Regular at Fenn’s Quay and Electric

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  1. I do accept invitations to restaurants or events with a food angle to them, but I always disclose the nature of the post and try my best to mix it up with standard non-PR related posts. I also try to remain as neutral sounding as possible. I can’t gush over something I genuinely did not like. I also do not accept advertising or sponsorship ads on my blog.

      1. Thanks, Dianne. It is a worthwhile standard to uphold in the blogging world. I already disclose any freebies but because I talk about Electric and Fenns Quay on Twitter and in my blog A LOT, I wanted everyone to know it’s simply because they’re my local spots and that I’m not in anybody’s pocket. I really hope that other readers will share their favorite places in comments and why they go there. That’s what it’s all about anyway. Not who has PR freebies or comps for things but the places that make us feel welcome and at-home as their customers.

  2. Lol good reviews
    I’ll have to try them when I’m there /
    I enjoy hearing about other restaurants so I can try them
    It’s a bit easier then just walking in

  3. Can’t say fairer than that. All too often people will jump and leap blindly to conclusions. They forget that reviews are based on all the criteria you mentioned above. It is sad that some think ‘backhanders’ and ‘brown envelopes’ are required to favor establishments. I prefer to subscribe to your honest take on both above. And having experienced both time and time again, I concur.

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