Carrigaline Photographic Society Insights Exhibit at Cork International Airport

Carrigaline Photographic Society are pleased to announce their latest photography exhibition, Insights, running in Cork Airport from September 17th to Ocotober 12th. This latest exhibition is made possible through the generous support of Cork Airport and the Cork County Council Arts Service. The official opening is at 6:30PM on September 21st as part of Culture Night celebrations.

The images in this photographic exhibition represent the individual insights of each photographer as they responded to their environment, events in time, or a concept that the photographer created for the purpose of creating a unique image. Each photographer has used the tools and techniques of photography to realise their vision and the results stand as a testament to their individuality. The equipment used ranged from traditional film cameras all the way to the latest digital cameras, using a variety of media.

The final images show the strength of photography as a method of expression and its ability to move and communicate with the viewer. The universality of photography to communicate emotion, ideas and to inspire the viewer, without the use of spoken language, stands as one of its main strengths. The viewer is invited to share this experience with the photographer and to take from the images what they wish. Happy viewing.

Carrigaline Photographic Society has the ongoing objective of developing, promoting and improving the knowledge, practice and appreciation of the art of photography. Meetings are on the last Wednesday of every month in St. Mary’s Hall, Carrigaline. See, for further details.


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