Being Silly with #FoodSingers

The other night (28 Aug 2012) in the midst of a bad summer cold, I noticed a friend used the hashtag #FoodSingers so I clicked on it to see what it was about. Sure enough, people were Tweeting variations of singers and band names that included food. Food and music? I’m in! Here’s what I came up with (under each Tweet, I’ve added the original singer’s/band’s name in italics)…

  • Justin Land-o-lakes #foodsingers
    Justin Timberlake (NOTE: Land-O-Lakes is an American butter)
  • Lambchop’s album ‘What Another Man Cooks’
    Lambchop (NOTE: Their album is actually titled ‘What Another Man Spills’)
  • Red Hot Scotch Bonnet Peppers #foodsingers
    Red Hot Chili Peppers
  • Queencakes of the Stone Age #foodsingers
    Queens of the Stone Age
  • The Red Velvet Cake Underground #foodsingers
    The Velvet Underground
  • Melvin and the Blueberry Notes #foodsingers
    Melvin and the Blue Notes
  • Blue Swede (known for their hit, ‘I Can’t Fight This Hunger’) #foodsingers
    Blue Swede
  • Sly and the Family Pizza Stone #foodsingers
    Sly and the Family Stone
  • Rage Against the Bread Machine #foodsingers
    Rage Against the Machine
  • Crosby Stills Hashbrowns & Young #foodsingers
    Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young
  • Earth Wind and Fire-roasted Tomatoes #foodsingers
    Earth Wind and Fire
  • The Eagle Brand Condensed Milk (top hit: Moo-tel California) #foodsingers
    The Eagles

Sure, I lost about seven followers on Twitter because my Tweets were entirely #FoodSingers related but it was fun given I’ve spent the week at home sick. Next time, I’ll definitely Tweet a warning that I am about to Tweet about #FoodSingers and that it’ll all be over in a couple hours.


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