Best scone in Ireland is actually a Scruffin in Carlow

Goodall’s of Ireland Reveals the National & Regional Winners of the Nation’s Favourite Scone

Fresh batch of fruit scones at Fenns Quay

One of the great culinary debates was laid to rest last week when Goodall’s of Ireland announced the winner of their search for the country’s Best Scone! Carlow’s Café Formenti has been revealed as the winner of a €1,000 prize fund, but more importantly the coveted title of ‘Best Scone of Ireland’!

The competition caught the public imagination with #bestscone becoming one of the top trends talked about on Twitter last week. A shortlist was compiled from public nominations cast on Twitter and Facebook and was then voted for on the blog, with almost 10,000 votes being cast from around the country.

Café Formenti’s unusual ‘Scruffin’ a cross between a muffin and a scone, encouraged loyal customers and fans to get behind the Carlow based café, and owner Richie Fenner commented on his delight at the victory for the café, “Cafe Formenti, along with being a working cafe where we cater for all tastes in Carlow town, is also a community, where all walks of life come to interact.”

Speaking on behalf of Goodall’s Gareth Watkins commented, “We wanted to celebrate the best of Irish baking – not the fancy stuff but tasty everyday stuff, that when it’s done well can be fantastic. We all know scones can vary from the mediocre to the truly great and Café Formenti represents the best of modern Irish food”.

But don’t despair, great scones are available in other cities, like Cork, too! Our own Fenn’s Quay and Electric were on the shortlist! You can read Fenn’s Quay’s head chefs Kate Lawlor’s blog post about it. And here is one I wrote. Electric’s (below) and FQ’s (above) scones are the ones pictured in this post.

Scone with tea at Electric in Cork City

Any bakers wishing to try their hand at making Ireland’s best scone can have a look at where Goodalls will publish the café’s top tips on scone making. Or my own family recipe.

You can join in the great scone debate on or follow the conversation on


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  1. Scruffin! What a most inventive and wholly evocative name. Conjures up a glorious image from my childhood. Sitting at the kitchen table in school shorts and woolly tank top, feasting on Grandma’s wholesome wholewheat muffins. A scruffy rascal devouring muffins. A Scruffin. Well done Café Formenti

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